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Loot rules

Post by Januz on Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:53 am

Looting in instances:
People worked hard to get instance ready and clearing it.
Need: U need item for mainclass, in easy runs 2nd and 3rd class, statt for 1st class (normal and hardmode)
Greed: Visuals, statts, in normal and hardmodes 2nd/3rd class gear
Pass: none of he above
So loot is based primairy on first class, if no one has a class and loot is for your second of even third class u may ask.
If your to polite and keep passin or you are not trustworthy there will be made a LM (Loot Master)
Some runs still drop good items or items with skill to extract, so they are still needed for clearing party.
Main dps, main tank and main healer have first choice on item (even if its HD or LD)
Gear runs are made to gear up, harder instance are for completing quests, getting better gear, getting item set skills and getting mems, and to train teamwork.
All normal drops from mobs are just for cash, party needs repairs. So just pass.
Don't forget to loot, if you are in a party and u see u can loot, please do it. This game implemented individual drops so people got a chance in loot (aganst greedy people), if u don't loot no one else can loot it (after a few minutes EACH) and maybe good loot is gone.
Don't pick loot off bosses, pick mems only. Last one loots boss (some is dead and out of lootrange or crashed etc).
Combat members get first choice (main then secundairy then tertiary etc).
Greeding and ninjalooting is good for 1 run u get kicked fast, and you won't get invited again for a long time (Januz bears a long grudge) for ANY ini run.

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