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Hello we are the guild Elementallords, we play Runes of Magic on the EN server Isiltir.

The guild was founded in 16 10 2011. Januz and Mashadar(Baunto/Alcadizzar) founded the guild on Isilthir with a simple idea: have fun, help eachother, grow and get better together and rather be social then anominous.
Baunto was to be Guild Master, because Januz didn't aspire to the job. It's easy to deceide if there are 2 members in the guild :p
After a while Zionflux joined the guild and since then the Elementallords started their quests in Taborea. Together we chatted, jibberjabberd and played the game with fun.
More guildies came and went. The guild grew, in level and its castle. A lot of Error and Trial happend, we build entire roads with our tombstones.....
Because we were a small guild, members ran with others in instances. But unable to gear up or to learn strategy this way.

Before the Guild Castle was built the guild came together in Dragonfang Ridge, and from there the journey really began.
Many things where learned, like how to ruin your char without tp and proper gear (level 1 logar beetle dagger ISNT good if you are lvl 67!), how to do quests (succesfully...), refined matts are better for donation then raw matts (Alsan never recovered from moxa farming), why to keep the healer alive (the usual grouphug at respawn point...).
After a while, guildies came and guildies went, Ritienne and Superjj joined the guild. Now the guild became more like a family.
Zionflux left us to have more action and to learn to be a better tank. It almost broke the guild, but from the ashes and the help of JJ and Ritienne the Elementallords rose, and since then the journey ahead became steadier.
Printzady joined our ranks. Narukami joined us and another mage rose in our ranks. Hardworking f2p and getting better each day.
Printzady and Superjj went for a while. Zionflux came back, but has left the game :'(
Our latest members are Blutangel (bunny loving (pshyatrist is still observing if its a fetish) and friendly poking spiked guy), and a glove addicted witch called Morganlafay (not from wizard of Oz).
Printzady came back and is ready for action.

We are unique, more like a family. We have annoying little brothers, ADD nephue, you name it we got the most of them (if ur looking for sanity....keep looking)
We grow and grow in guild level and in guildcastle. We got gathering spots, Library (try to quest with Baunto and u know why its our most used building), a stable, training ground (YES WE KNOW WE SHOULD LEARN STUFF...... but we donĀ“t), 3 bufftowers (defense / attack / loot) and some buildings to improve our other buildings.
We are lvl 11 now and at the moment we are improving our guildbuildings before we continue to lvl 12. This way all our guildies benefit from the guild donations.
We have a lvl 1 and lvl 2 Guildquestboard, this way we can help the guild grow even more.
We don't have a throne, true leadership comes from within, not from sitting higher on a improved toilet.
We are all equal, you may speak your mind in the guild. But all must be done with respect.
The guild is run by the GM and by the council. No level pressure. Help and advise in how to stat and how to gear.
Most people are free2play and mostly fun2play.

We Mastered Mystic Altar together and from there we kept going, Kalin Shrine fell, followed by Cyclops Lair, then HoS fell ( Boss by boss) First easy till Zygro, then normal to Zygro. Now HoS can be fully done. Next was Lair of the Demon Dragon, Gestero was unshackled and then burried, Zuridon Stronghold fell, just like Dungeons of Dalanis (easy and normal), we took a deep breath and cleared Heart of the Ocean (easy and normal), then Origin first boss came (wormsigns!), we started plundering Treasure Trove. Then we started kicking some drunk and annoying dwarves in Ancient Kingdom (easy lvl30 and normal lvl 50) next was Hall of the Demonlord; all cleared untill Sirloth in first run.
And we keep fighting inch by inch till we finished all instances. Together.
And we keep doing them to help guildies. And for fun (cya at respawn point).

.......the road to the library is long sometimes.
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Bis repetita manent
D/S/M/Wrd/R/W 92/92/92/66/55/60 (sorry not using exploits to lvl faster)
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